Monday, December 12, 2011

This Old Crock

First I am going to tell you a little (mostly true) story about this picture, and then in my next blog I am going to report on my efforts to repair a piece of broken pottery.

Here's the pic:

I live in an apartment owned by this nice septagenarian guy with a deep tan and a pony tail.

He is surprisingly, still upgrading the building and has progressed from new lawns and polishing the marble in the entry to replacing the electrical panels in everyone's kitchen.

So one day it was my turn and there was this nice electrician - lets call him Mons. H. Dumpty - working away when he accidentally knocked against a shelf and the antique bean crock had a great falling out with its mirror neighbor.

Natch, the Humpster denied everything, and so did the landlord.

So there I was with a sense of doom after sweeping up the cheap recycled mirror that also fell (looking forward to seven years' bad luck) and contemplating what to do with my valuable, way more than just cracked, pot.

Since you can't fix anything that isn't broken, this is an opportunity to repair broken pottery and pass some lessons and experience on to you. It was also as in many seeming disasters, a primo shopping opportunity.

I raced out to the hardware store and got some strong glue for the assembly bit, and a box of vinyl gloves to wear while handling this dangerous stuff.

I selected a fairly rapid setting variety (10 ten seconds) and am now going to do a bit of thinking. Mostly about the best sequence to gather up the broken bits and stick that collection of dumpster destined crockery back together again, thus saving the world.

No king's men and no horses will be used or tested upon in the project.

Not even for making the glue.

I will be using unnatural, chemically produced and somewhat hazardous ingredients.

But hey - its for a good cause; saving space in the land fill.

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